Make a spectacle of yourself in our VBMA Spectacle Campaign, now through Monday, June 11th, 2018!
Pose like the Gucci models on our window and show off your specs, like John in the photo below. All participants will receive a coupon for a free small ice (from Cool Ice) or ice cream (from Alfonso’s Bakery), and one lucky winner will receive a free pair of Ray Bans (pictured below).
Step 1: Take a picture wearing your specs next to the Williams Eye Works Gucci window (at 1884 Victory Blvd), eating an ice from Cool Ice or ice cream from Alfonso’s
Step 2: Follow and tag the 4 following Instagram accounts:
@WilliamsEyeWorks      @VictoryCoolIce      @AlfonsosVictory      @VictoryBlvd.Merchants
Step 3: Put the location as Williams Eye Works
Step 4: Post on INSTAGRAM
Check out the Williams Eye Works Instagram to see examples of photos already posted for the campaign!
The VBMA Spectacle Campaign will run until Monday, June 11th 2018, and the grand winner will be announced Thursday, June 14th. ALL PARTICIPANTS will be able to pick up their coupon for a free ice or ice cream starting June 14th at Williams Eye Works.
If you have any questions, please contact us at Williams Eye Works!