Quality Craftsmanship from our In-House Lab

At Williams Eye Works we stand by our work, craftsmanship and quality, because our family name is on the door.

When you see good, we look good.

Williams Eye Works has an in-house lab for our customers. We use state of the art vision correction technology to bring you the highest quality lenses possible.  Our experienced, highly educated lab technicians are on premises to deliver the quality work you deserve. After our lenses are crafted, we install your custom lenses into your choice of hundreds of designer brand frames.

Cutting Edge Technology • Expert Lab Technicians • Fast Service

Supreme Technology

The lens edgers used at Williams Eye Works offer “first-to-market” step-beveling technology, allowing the highest quality Rx lenses for many high-wrap frames. It delivers high-curve beveling, exclusive partial beveling, partial grooving, Design Cut, faceting, Advanced Shape Editing, 3D grooving and 3D drilling that isn’t offer by many other eyeglass shops on Staten Island. Cutting edge technology paired with expert staff enable us to provide you with the highest quality products possible.

Advanced Lens Processing

We process every type of 3-piece mount, as well as Chemistrie™ Sunlenses with the unit’s exclusive Click Mode™ software. The renowned polishing feature creates a beautiful luster finish on the lens edge and the unit’s diamond grooving wheel delivers a clean groove. Another industry first, the Radius Measurement Unit (RMU) measures the radius of the lens for proper cut-out and calculates “volume” of lens material to be removed. Then it automatically sets the Advanced Soft Grind Mode in motion based on lens material selected. All of this achieves the fastest grinding process all while retaining axis on even the most slippery super A/R coatings.