Essilor is the world’s largest ophthalmic lens manufacturer, operating in over 100 countries across 5 continents. With 170 years of experience, Essilor is the world leader in state-of-the-art vision technology. Notorious for changing the landscape of the optical field, Essilor created the first progressive lens in 1959. Progressive lenses are corrective lenses that provide those with presbyopia clear zones of vision at near, intermediate, and far distances. This is a prime example of the innovative nature Essilor has displayed for nearly two centuries.


Williams Eye Works has been deemed an Essilor Expert by one of the world’s most innovate companies. Essilor Experts are carefully selected independent eye care professionals. Experts are given customized training to further enhance their level of expertise, and are able to offer exclusive packages to their patients. Williams Eye Works is the only Essilor Expert in Staten Island.


As an Essilor Expert, Williams Eye Works has attended training sessions hosted by the Essilor team and can exclusively offer the Ultimate Lens Package by Essilor. There are two options for the Ultimate Lens Package: progressive or single vision. This package combines three of the most advanced lens technologies into one lens for the ultimate visual experience. With every purchase of an ultimate lens package (either the ultimate progressive or ultimate single vision lens), you receive a second pair of lenses for free. The second pair of lenses can be any Essilor lens, with any combination of lens options you desire.



The Progressive Ultimate Lens Package

combines the three following technologies for the ultimate visual experience:




The Single Vision Ultimate Lens Package

combines the three following technologies for the ultimate visual experience:


Varilux is Essilor’s signature progressive lens brand. The most advanced version, the Varilux X Series, offers sharp vision, a large reading area, a smooth transition from near to far zones, eliminated off-balance feeling, and extended vision. The Eyezen is Essilor’s newest single vision lens. The Eyezen is designed to reduce eye strain from digital devices, protect against harmful blue light, and provide increased comfort to the wearer. Crizal Sapphire, featured in both the progressive and single vision ultimate lens packages, enhances your visual experience by reducing glare, increasing resistance to scratches and smudges, and repelling water and dust. Transitions, also featured in both packages, provides the wearer with optimal light levels for all lighting conditions while providing protection against UV and blue light.


The lens option that is right for you depends on your prescription and your unique visual needs. Stop by to learn more about which lens is right for you – we are experts after all.