Essilor Experts.

Customized training. Exclusive packages. Exceptional products.
Williams Eye Works is the first Essilor Expert on Staten Island. We are proud to offer Essilor products to our patients and welcome the opportunity to elevate our expertise.


Essilor is the world’s largest ophthalmic lens manufacturer, operating in over 100 countries across 5 continents. With 170 years of experience, Essilor is the world leader in state-of-the-art vision technology. Notorious for changing the landscape of the optical field, Essilor created the first progressive lens in 1959. Progressive lenses are corrective lenses that provide those with presbyopia clear zones of vision at near, intermediate, and far distances. This is a prime example of the innovative nature Essilor has displayed for nearly two centuries.

Essilor Experts

Essilor, one of the worlds most innovative companies, has deemed Williams Eye Works an Essilor Expert. Essilor Expert is a title offered to few carefully selected independent eye care professionals. As Essilor Experts, Williams Eye Works is provided customized training to further enhance our expertise and enables us to offer exclusive packages to our patients.


Varilux progressive lenses offer sharp vision with seamless transition from distance to near. Varilux offers a wide field of vision and stability of vision in motion. Since it’s start as the first progressive lens to exist in 1959, Varilux has continually pushed the boundary for sharper, clear vision.

The Eyezen lens is an anti-fatigue lens that’s offers wearers improved contrast and blue-violet light filtering technology. 


100% UV protection and blue-violet light filter. The anti-glare finish creates aesthetic lenses in any lighting conditions while offering optimal visual clarity. No compromise on color or contrast perception. 

The Experio sun lens is available as a single vision and progressive lens. The polarization technology cuts down on glare while providing UV and blue-violet light protection. 

Photochromic lenses that seamless transition from light to dark. Enjoy comfortable light management, no matter your environment, while protecting against UV light and filtering blue-violet light.


Enhanced visual experience by reducing distracting reflections while providing UV protection. Crizal lens coating are smudge and scratch resistant, and water and dust repellant.