John Williams, the youngest son of Williams Eye Works’ founder Chris Williams, is officially a Certified Optician. This certification is given by the American Board of Opticians in recognition of competency and knowledge in the field of opticianry. Additionally, John has earned a certification as a Contact Lens Technician. This certification is given by the National Contact Lens Examiners in recognition of competency and knowledge of contact lenses – a certification few opticians earn.

At the age of twelve, John began working at Williams Eye Works sweeping the sidewalk. Having the family business, he was prompted at a young age to consider opticianry as his future path. After a year of attending Wagner College, John decided to transfer to New York City College of Technology to pursue opticianry. John’s passion for optics was cultivated and fostered by his time spent attending opticianry school and running the on premise lab of Williams Eye Works.

For the past three years, John has been the master shop man of Williams Eye Works. With his new certifications, he is prepared to move forward in the field and expand his professional scope.

“I’m excited to have these certifications because they put me in a position to better assist people outside of the lab and help them with their vision.” 

John Williams

John is off to a bright start on his journey as an optician. His family and the entire Williams Eye Works team are proud to announce his certifications and congratulate him!