At Williams Eye Works, we know time is one of the most important commodities we possess. This drives our commitment to providing fast, efficient service and has played a key role in shaping our calendar.

The Williams Eye Works calendar was designed to create balance between work and life. We offer flexible hours to accommodate the hustle and bustle of everyday life for our customers, while reserving time off for our staff to prioritize time with their loved ones, participate in the community and recharge. 

We believe a high quality lifestyle fuels high quality service.



The following dates Williams Eye Works will be closed to observe holidays throughout the year.

*Dates are subject to change.

  • New Years Day: Mon 1/1

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Sat 5/25, Sun 5/26, Mon 5/27

  • 4th of July: Thurs 4/1

  • Summer Vacation: Sun 7/21 thru Mon 8/5

  • Labor Day Weekend: Sat 9/1, Sun 9/2, Mon 9/3

  • Thanksgiving: Thurs 11/28

  • Christmas Eve: Tues 12/24 – closing at 3pm

  • Christmas Day: Wed 12/25

  • New Years Eve: Tues 12/31 – closing at 3pm