Do I need an appointment for an eye exam? 

Although we recommend scheduling an appointment, it is not required! Walk-ins are welcome. Our optometrist is available everyday Williams Eye Works is open, Tuesday through Saturday.

Can I get a DMV eye test for my driver’s license renewal at Williams Eye Works? 

Yes! No appointment necessary, just stop by at your best convenience.

I’m interested in contact lenses, what now? 

For first time contact lenses wearers, you need a contact lens evaluation with the optometrist. During the evaluation, the optometrist will fit you with the proper contact lens for your eyes. After the fitting, you will be trained by our expert staff on how to use and take care of your new contact lenses. You are then sent home with a pair of trail lenses to ensure prolonged comfort when wearing the lens. Once your prolonged comfort is confirmed, we order your customized contact lenses.

What is the difference between a “regular” eye exam and an evaluation for contact lenses?

During a “regular” eye exam, our optometrist will assess your ocular health and determine your refractive condition, ultimately prescribing any necessary eyeglass prescription. During a contact lens evaluation, our optometrist modifies your eyeglass prescription and then fits you with a contact lens selected for your eyes. For both patient comfort and ocular health, the optometrist must evaluate the contact lens on that patient’s eye to ensure the correct fit, clear vision, and healthy eyes.

Why do I need a contact lens evaluation every year?

Contact lenses are medical devices that touch the surface of your eye. It is imperative to annually evaluate the fit of the contact lens and ensure there is no negative impact on the eye from contact lens misuse. Misuse of contact lenses can be vision threatening, therefore the annual evaluation is important to ensure your ocular health.