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Types of Eyeglass Lenses: A Quick Guide

The right pair of glasses can change your world. Eyeglasses have 2 main components: the lenses and the frame. The lenses can be prescription (bend light to make a clear image for your eyes) or non-prescription (no impact on visual clarity). There are several types of lens styles and coatings that are selected [...]

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Foods that are Good for Your Eyes

You may have heard the saying: you are what you eat. A well-rounded, healthy diet is one of the keys to living a healthy life. But did you know there are foods that have specific nutrients that are good for your eyes?  Here you will find a list of foods that are packed with [...]

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A Guide to Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices and when used properly are very safe. However, when misused, contact lenses can pose a threat to both vision and eye health. It is vital for contact lens wearers to take proper precautions when using contact lenses. The main components of safe contact lens wear include wear schedule, lens [...]

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John Williams, Certified Optician

John Williams, the youngest son of Williams Eye Works’ founder Chris Williams, is officially a Certified Optician. This certification is given by the American Board of Opticians in recognition of competency and knowledge in the field of opticianry. Additionally, John has earned a certification as a Contact Lens Technician. This certification is [...]

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The VBMA Spectacle Campaign

Make a spectacle of yourself in our VBMA Spectacle Campaign, now through Monday, June 11th, 2018! Pose like the Gucci models on our window and show off your specs, like John in the photo below. All participants will receive a coupon for a free small ice (from Cool Ice) or ice cream (from Alfonso’s Bakery), [...]

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What are Transitions?

Transition lenses are photochromic lenses. When these lenses come in contact with UV light (found in sunlight), the lenses transition into a dark tinted lens. The photochromic molecules of the lens are activated by UV light which changes their structure, ultimately causing the lens to darken. What are the benefits of Transition lenses? One versatile pair [...]

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6 Reasons to Wear Vuarnet Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important for eye health year-round, but they become especially important as the warm weather sets in and people begin spending more time out in the sun. Since 1957, Vuarnet has been manufacturing one of the best sunglass lenses in the industry as a result of utilizing mineral glass as their lens material. Here are [...]

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