Blue Blocking Readers-Joey

Blue Blocking Readers-Joey


Blue-Blocking Reading Glasses – Joey

NEW! ChemTech Reading Glasses that block harmful blue light!

$44 includes all tax and Shipping!


These glasses are designed for adults who have trouble reading.  They are built with new technology that prevents harmful blue light from being exposed to your eyes.  They are perfect for smart phone and tablets.  Blue light causes Macular Degeneration by destroying retina cells.  It also affects our sleep cycle by changing Melatonin levels.
As recent research shows, blue light is harmful to your eyes.  Blue light is a new problem in our world with all the new smart phones and tablets emitting blue light waves.  Even at work, the fluorescent lights emit a blue light rather then the orange yellow light incandescent bulbs.


  • Frame Style: Joey
  • Color: Black/Green or Tortoise
  • Lens Material: Durable 1.56 index, anti-scratch proof with anti-reflective coating
  • UV Protection: Yes
  • Carrying Case: Protective, felt-lined case included
  • AR Coating: anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and block harmful blue light

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