Eye Exam

During a comprehensive eye exam, our optometrist will determine any necessary visual correction, assess overall health of the eye, and detect ocular and systemic diseases. Our office houses state of the art equipment such as the Zeiss i.Profiler, which provides a highly detailed visual profile, and the IntelliPuff Tonometer, a no-contact air puff test to assess eye pressure and detect glaucoma. Williams Eye Works is a center for primary eye care, with an extensive healthcare network for referral when needed. You can come to us with confidence that any irregularities in your eye will be detected and addressed appropriately.
Comprehensive eye exams are important for visual clarity and overall eye health. Williams Eye Works recommends getting an eye exam annually to help detect potentially harmful issues of the eye and larger bodily systems before they become serious. Eye exams are offered Tuesday through Saturday, for a fee of $70.

Contact Lens Evaluation

During a contact lens evaluation, our optometrist will evaluate the fit of the lens, visual clarity and overall health of the eye. Often, an eyeglass prescription must be modified when prescribing contact lenses to provide the best visual clarity because the contact lens is sitting on your eye, instead of in front of your eye like eyeglasses. Since contact lenses touch the surface of your eye, the eye becomes vulnerable to a number of issues that can compromise the health of your eye and even your vision if unaddressed. This is what makes the contact lens evaluation so important!
It is imperative for the optometrist to evaluate the fit of the lens, oxygenation of the eye, and wearing time. Even the most experience contact lens wearers need an annual contact lens evaluation. Your eye changes over time, therefore your prescription and the fit of your contact lens may change over time as well. The contact lens evaluation has a fee of $120, which includes a $30 credit toward a 6 month or 1 year supply of your contact lenses.

DMV Exam

Williams Eye Works offers DMV exams for license renewal, bypassing the need for a trip to the DMV. If you have been examined by us in the last 6 months, there is no fee! Otherwise, there is a $15 fee. Please note, if you need to go to the DMV in person for your renewal (like when updating to a new enhanced license or taking a new photo), we recommend having your eye test done at the DMV for your convenience and savings.

Medical Exam

For non-eyeglass related issues (such as pink eye or a scratched cornea), Williams Eye Works offers a medical evaluation. There is a $100 fee which includes one follow up with the optometrist. If no follow up is required, the fee is reduced to $70. If during the medical evaluation a foreign object is found, it will become a case of foreign object removal with a total exam fee of $150 that includes one follow up if necessary.

Expert Knowledgeable Staff

The Williams Eye Works team is made up of licensed opticians, expert support staff, and an optometrist. We take pride in being experts in our field, and delivering an exceptional experience that is unlike any other. Our top priority is to provide our customers the highest standard of care with the latest technology and newest fashion trends.

Fast Service

We know that you don’t want to wait for better vision, so we offer over 200 brands and have over 10,000 frames in stock. With an on premise lab and highly trained staff, many prescriptions can be filled same day and almost any prescription next day.
High quality and specialty items may require longer production times, but we pledge to get our customers their eyewear as fast as possible. Williams Eye Works utilizes technology to minimize customer wait time, such as online tracking of products with vendors and texting or emailing customers as soon as their eyewear is ready. Our team of opticians and optometrists are prepared to quickly handle any visual issue, so you don’t have to wait for better vision.

Eyeglass Repair

Everyday wear and tear on eyeglasses can cause them to become loose, uneven, or cooked. We make all types of repairs on eyeglasses and sunglasses, including lens replacements, metal or plastic frame repair and screw replacement. Our experienced staff and on premise lab ensure Williams Eye Works is prepared to make any repairs or adjustments you need.