Contact lenses are medical devices and when used properly are very safe. However, when misused, contact lenses can pose a threat to both vision and eye health. It is vital for contact lens wearers to take proper precautions when using contact lenses.

The main components of safe contact lens wear include wear schedule, lens hygiene, and precautions.

This contact lens guide will walk you through wear schedules, how to clean/store your contact lenses, and general precautions to maximize your success wearing contact lenses and minimize your risk. 

Contact lenses with water drops

Contact lenses require wearers to take an active role in maintaining their eye health. Misuse of lenses can cause eye infection, inflammation, dryness, and development of new blood vessels, all of which can be hazardous to the eye. These complications can result in potentially permanent vision loss. It is extremely important for contact lenses wearers to be serious about contact lens hygiene, follow lens replacement schedules, and use proper cleaning techniques to continue successfully and safely wearing contact lenses.

When wearing contact lenses, your eyes should feel good (no discomfort or pain), look good (no redness of the white sclera) and see good (clear vision). If during contact lens wear the eyes become red, irritated or painful, or if the vision becomes poor, discontinue contact lens wear and contact your eye doctor.

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